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Property Management Services

Extended Services Group real estate professionals apply real estate knowledge and expertise in the mamnagement of your property. As your property managers, we strive to produce the greatest net return possible for you. We protect your investment and act as your agent in managing - renting, leasing and perhaps selling the property.


Our competent property management team will provide you a comprehensive, orderly program on a continuing basis, analysing all investment aspects of your property to ensure a financially successful project.


Our goals for your property are, to produce the highest possible net operating income from the property and to maintain and increase the value of your investment. We supervise physical maintenance analysing the property needs with considerations of the cost of any work done. Individuals and companies are subcontracted to perform preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and construction.


We will design and implement marketing strategy using various marketing methods to present the property in the best possible way. All our marketing activities are compliant with Federal, State and local fair housing laws.


We provide monthly property management report with detailed information of all receipts and expenditures for the period covered and maintain records for compliance with local laws on fair housing, security deposits, and trust. 


Types of Properties We Manage


  • Residential property management - apartments, condominiums, town houses, multifamily houses, single-family homes, cooperatives and vacation homes.
  • Retail and commercial property management - offices,small retail stores, office condominiums, and shopping centers/malls.
  • Industrial property management - industrial parks and industrial warehouses