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Online Marketing A Multi Services Company

Wow! Marketing a multi services company can be a bit costly in time and money but it can be done with less time and money spent. I have been busy preparing our new multi services website which was recently launched. Since launching our website, I have continued to add new contents in an effort to provide a more friendly experience that encourages repeat visits. This seems to be an endless project as our goal is to make our website more functional, engaging and appealing to our visitors.


Though we are not there yet, and more work need to be done. So far, the website looks good but no matter how good it looks, if our target audience is unable to find us online, it is as good as not having an online presence. We have to make this website work for us and produce the desired result.


To achieve this objective, we have put our comprehensive marketing plan full speed and have just launched a mobile website and added local search visibility and search engine optimization to our website. This strategy of marketing our company through websites with search engine optimization and listings in paid and free online directories is expected to give our company online visibility and high ranking in search results which will help us attract new clients and retain old customers.


Managing online presence for a multi services company can be a big task. Although it cost a little more, managing all online presence from one source makes it easy and convenient. Editing company listing is done once for all directories saving time. As a busy business owner, my time is valuable.


Extended Services Group is a multi services company providing tax and financial services, real estate and apartment rental services, mobile notary public, document preparation assistance, small business consulting and resume services including fax, copy, scan and print. To learn more, visit us at


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